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Based on the the material in my new book 'Cosmic Ordering Made Easier ~ How to have more of what you want, more often' and over 30 years of successful Ordering, I use the stories of the amazing successes (and some of the spectactular failures) I've had, and those of my coaching students, to teach the principles of effective Cosmic Ordering with my audience.

I also give practical advice on how to prepare, place, recognise and recieve your order and if the event format and time allow, we can do workshop excercises so that they leave with a 'Wish List' and an 'Order' already placed. 

Your event delegates will go away lifted, motivated, inspired, energised and with a plan to move forward with their intentions. Sometimes results are instantaneous and it has even been known for Orders to come in during the talk or in the coffee break. 

My style (so I've been told) is funny, inspirational, interactive, captivating, original and lifechanging.

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Here's some feedback from some of my workshop & coaching delegates:-

Ellen has the ability to light up a room with her boundless energy and enthusiasm.

A talented trainer, coach, mentor, writer and public speaker; it’s rare for one person to have the range of skills which Ellen possesses. And I can honestly say that she 'walks the walk' as much as, if not more than, she 'talks the talk'.  I have known Ellen for many years and I have seen her work her magic many, many times.

                                                                  Sali Gray
 Life & Business Coach, Writer, Public Speaker
and Organiser of the Pink Car Rally


When I first met Ellen and learnt about Cosmic Ordering, I just wanted to learn more. I was really intrigued. Going to the workshop, Ellen gave detailed stories, information and tips. It was an amazing experience! Ellen is so understanding and helpful when discussing your orders and how to get them right. It’s nice to know she’s there on hand to help and guide you on your way. Ellen is an inspiration! I can't wait for the book!

 Gemma Knott
Member of the ‘I am a Writer’ Group


I knew there was something amazing about Ellen when we first met and was not surprised when she shared Cosmic Ordering with me. Working with Ellen on a 1-2-1 basis and in workshops has been an inspiration to me on a personal & professional level and I'm excited about my future orders coming in.

I've just finished reading ‘Cosmic Ordering Made Easier’ and I think it's great. It's just as if Ellen’s speaking it to me, and exactly how she told me. I'm hooked and intrigued all over again. I love the opening on how to use the book, perfectly put to get the best from it.

Teresa McGrady 
Network Marketing Professional 



I love Ellen's warmth; she really wants you to enjoy life to the full. I can't recommend her coaching enough.

Mandie Cran
The Buzz Group



Ellen has an aura that draws you in and answers the questions in your head. I had a compelling need to sit down and speak with her the first time we met. I didn't even know I needed the ‘Ellen Effect’ but since meeting her and enlisting her as my mentor and coach, I haven’t looked back.  I’ve been able to achieve clarity in my business, and have benefited from the amazing insights that both Ellen and Cosmic Ordering can bring to a person's life.  She is compelling, inspiring and right!

Holly Scott-Donaldson
Donaldson Marketing Bureau



I am writing to say how much I enjoyed the course last week. I learned a lot, not only about Cosmic Ordering but also about how we limit ourselves with our ‘decisions’ about what we could, or should, have in life.’ The other people on the course also greatly enjoyed themselves and that made it all the more worth the journey.

Diana G Mawson PhD, C.Hyp
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Thought Field Therapist,
 Trainer & Business Performance Coach



I found Ellen to be a very engaging and motivational speaker. I enjoyed the course much more than I’d even hoped and expected.

Tina Weatherley



As a young child, I was aware of a magical realm or spiritual dimension where heartfelt wishes were answered and came true. But as soon as I went to school, a shutting-down process of my ‘unlimited self’ began in order to be accepted and conform.

But as we enter a new Golden Age in the evolution of humanity on 21st December 2012, I truly believe that, more than ever, the time is right for books like Ellen’s to be published. This book will help guide those who want a taste of ‘Heaven on Earth’ to realise their own dreams and full potential, for the good of all concerned.

Briony Roberts
Director of Blue Bear Communications



Ellen Watts is an extraordinary person with an extraordinary talent for helping people achieve what they need and want in their lives. Her unique blend of Cosmic Ordering coaching with more traditional coaching and mentoring methods is highly potent, and it brings about truly fantastic results.

I am so grateful to the Cosmos for bringing Ellen into my life at the very moment I needed her. She has been an amazing catalyst for good things happening for me and I feel blessed to have her near me. My own Cosmic Ordering skills are still a ‘work in progress’ but I now know that it’s my limiting beliefs which hold me back and have done so for so long. My sessions with Ellen have helped me to recognise and be aware of them, so now I am able to work on eradicating them in the future. Thank you, Ellen for the gift of you.

And I am so delighted that Ellen has written ‘Cosmic Ordering Made Easier’. I really can hear her voice talking through the pages! I know this book will be so beneficial for so many more people than she can reach on a 1-1 basis. Her approach truly does work and this book will help create more of the happiness and contentment that so many people aspire to have in their lives.

Rachel Goddard
Regional Director for The Athena Network



I found your Cosmic Ordering course both informative and fun!  How often do you get given the rules and structure to ask for what you want?  I have had some successes and I am now ordering bigger!!

Ellen, thank you for your wonderful course and imaginative and thought provoking delivery.

Alison McQuillan
Allez HR Solutions Ltd.



I just wanted to say a huge thank you!  I put in my Cosmic Order last Friday after we spoke, and I managed to get two customers on Saturday, but needed just one more.  Last night, I was beginning to get worried as it was 8pm and I was still one short.  I had to have all three new customers by midnight to qualify.  So I went over to a friend’s house for a Utility Warehouse ‘Girl’s-night-in’ to have a large glass of wine and to try not to think about it too much!


I was starting to feel gutted that it wasn’t going to happen, and guilty that I should be at home making calls rather than drinking wine with team-mates, until I got a text at 10pm from a friend of a friend who asked how she could sign up!!!!  My friends were all jumping about with excitement and made me call her there and then and she signed up!!  And she turned out to be the perfect customer!


So I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to believe, it will change my life.  I can’t wait until the book launch and I’m sure my friends will be coming too now after seeing the power of Cosmic Ordering!!!

Anna May
Team Leader, Utility Warehouse