Thanks to my wonderful & dear friend Sali, who hand-made and decorated a very special guest book as a gift to me for my book launch, I was able to capture lots of beautiful well-wishes and wonderful feedback about guests' persectives of the evening that I can keep forever & treasure. It was such a wonderful & thoughtful gift.

And lots more people have left their beautiful feedback messages about the launch on my Facebook page - which is another great place for me to store them, but tonight when I received this lovely email from my good friend Sarah - I realised that another lot of messages have come as emails, texts & tweets and the danger with those is that will eventually be lost - so I suddenly had the bright idea of pasting them all in one blog entry - starting with Sarah's and then I'll add the rest later to make up a virtual guest book.

It's mostly for me - but I hope you enjoy reading it too and perhaps, if you were there, it will bring the feeling of that wonderful evening back for you too.  

From Sarah Whelan:-

'Oh Ellen, Wow!

Wow to the beautiful decor, the incredible cakes, the spellbinding detail, the wish box, your gorgeous dress!, your enviable weight loss!, the spectacular canapés and cocktails, the creativity - and the beautiful photos with which you can remember each moment - as if you could forget your first book launch! I especially love a photo of you signing your book and smiling broadly at the recipient. How lovely, Ellen, and so well deserved. I so look forward to reading your lovely book.

Such a beautiful event - it's you who should also write a book on entertaining - not Pippa Middleton!'


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