I love the power of friends working together! Especially strong willed, creative, supportive female friends!! And I had a houseful last night.

'The newly named 'Cosmic Squad' were here at Wychwood helping me make bookmarks, 'Cosmic reminder card sets' to go with the book & of course the all important gift bags for Saturday night's big launch!!

They came in, saw what needed doing and before long my home was filled tressle tables, mauve bags, beads, ribbons & the sound of Absolute 80's, busy fingers and much girlie banter. And not a drop of alcohol or chocolate cake in sight - oh no - water, black tea & black coffee for us - we all have slinky cocktails dresses to get into for Sat night thank you very much!!

While I pre-signed the books, they sorted, platted, threaded and stuffed. It was a joy to watch. So much was achieved  - I just couldn't have done it alone and it reminded me of the fact - 'Individually we are wonderful - Together, we are flippin' awesome!'

Thanks Ladies!! 

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